Foreign Admission

Our foreign admission assistance service have come a long way in assisting students interested in studying overseas. We have experience in international education and strong partnership network with universities and partners worldwide. We have assisted students in achieving their goal to study in overseas. We have established ourselves as an authoritative source in oversea education consulting and recruitment. Among the quality services provided include:
Academic AssessmentUniversity SelectionAcademic GuardianshipStudent Accommodation, Pre -Departure Orientation, Airport PickupImmigration Clearance etc.

Benefits to Students
Our foreign admission assistance service among other benefits enables students to access fast admission in route to study abroad with reputable institutions.

Benefits to Parents and Guardians
We also relieve the parents the stress involved in the processes of securing foreign admission by undertaking some of the processes on their behalf and simplify them with our standard quality of service. We have strong representative relationship with foreign universities. And we ensure that everything is done within the Parents’ financial budget.

Procedure for securing a foreign admission
1. Fill the Foreign Admission Assistance Service Form 
2. Upload your Documents for Admission Processing 
3. Secure your Foreign Admission
4. Pay Foreign Admission Assistance Service Fees
5. Get your visa using our Visa Assistance Service
6. Book your flight ticket using our Flights Ticketing Service

 Primary documents to be uploaded to us for Foreign Admission Assistance Processing are listed below:
1. Copy of any available Academic Qualifications (O/Level, A/Level, Diploma, Degree, etc)
2. Copy of the student’s International Passport Data Page
3. A passport photograph 
4. Copy of Birth Certificate 

Note: Additional documents may be required depending on the course,university and country selected.